How to Unleash Your Inner Steve Jobs and Design Unforgettable Experiences

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“We are all shaped by the experiences of our lives. We can’t help but change when we experience profoundly moving events.
-Ken Segall

One of my favorite lines in the movie Scent of a Woman is when Al Pacino says to Chris O’Donnell, “What are you some kind of chickenshit who sticks to job description only?”  Chris O’Donnell is hired as Al Pacino’s caretaker for the weekend, but Pacino has much bigger plans, affectionately referred to as a “tour of pleasures.”  He designs an unforgettable, life-changing experience for Chris O’Donnell.

Everything is about designing an experience. Whether you sell a product, service, or are putting on an event, you’re designing an experience.

Kids get this. The lemonade stand isn’t just a lemonade stand. They give care to the artistic elements, and inherently know how they want their customers to feel. OK, sure they’re cuter than most of us – so that’s kind of an unfair advantage.

If you don’t believe that advantage is true, this might convince you.

“The most effective cookie salesperson in the world”

My sister sold Girl Scout Cookies. They were easier to sell than cocaine. That sheet would be FILLED with orders in a day. When I tried to sell things for marching band, I didn’t have nearly the same level of success. Looking back, the smart move would have been to hire my sister and split the profits with her.

But she got one thing down. She created an experience for the people who ordered her cookies. Here was this adorable, snow white looking 5-year-old, overwhelming her potential buyers with delight. She didn’t sell Girl Scout Cookies. She sold the experience of buying them from her.

Part of what is driving so many of the changes that I’m making at the moment is how I want people to feel when they enter my world.

  • This is why we’re going through a major redesign.
  • This is why I look at our newsletter subscription process at least once a month.

If a part of it sucks, please reply and tell me how we can make you feel amazing and welcomed to our world.

I’m clear on how I want people to feel when they show up at our sales page for The Instigator Experience. This is not your typical business conference – and it screams that. And it’s not right for some people and we’ve even said it by saying, “Our application process exists because we just can’t have any bad seeds.”

I’m very clear on how I want people to feel the minute that we accept their application for The Instigator Experience. That’s why each person we accept gets a phone call from me. I’m clear on how I want people to feel when I talk to them on the phone.

When I sat down this week to design our welcome kits for Instigator attendees, I compiled dozens of packaging ideas on a Pinterest board. To figure out what somebody would feel like when they received our package in the mail, I realized I’d have to mail it to myself and see how it made me feel. Is that nuts? Yes, maybe. But if it gives you an opportunity to overwhelm people with joy, it’s completely worth it.

I’m very clear on how I want them to feel the minute they walk through the door. I want  them to be overwhelmed with joy, caught off guard, and delighted.  That’s why when we’ve visited venues, if I didn’t feel that way ten seconds after walking in the door, I cut the meetings short.

AJ Leon is really clear on how he wants people to feel.  When you get something in the mail from Misfit, Inc it’s a good day. In fact, it’s usually the best day of the week. That’s because AJ goes out of his way to think about how he wants us to feel when we enter his world. Getting something in the mail from him is not just receiving a package. It’s an experience.

We all have the opportunity to create our own worlds, unlike any other time in history. And inside those worlds, we can design experiences. It doesn’t matter what you do. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, chef, teacher, or parent, you can design experiences.

How do you want people to feel in your world?  

What’s the experience you’re designing? 

Figure that out and unleash your inner Steve Jobs. Just be nicer.


Sense of Place


How can I really feel at home in Ft. Wayne?

When I was in college, I never imagined I would someday be selling enterprise software, of all things. It sounds like a cliché now, but back then I wanted to be a novelist. I spent a whole summer at a café in Florence, writing in that decrepit journal, drinking way too much espresso, and getting to know a bunch of like-minded bohemians hoping that graduation could be put off another year or two.

Of course, I’m much more practical now. And, leaving the whole practicality thing aside, I actually like your work. Traveling around the country, meeting exotic people (and the people in small towns seem awfully exotic to me, since I’m from New York), I find that a lot of that youthful spirit of adventure still means something and still has room to operate.

On the other hand, Ft. Wayne, Indiana might be pushing the “exoticism” a little far. I check into the Comfort Inn, call my client, and get everything arranged for our meeting tomorrow morning. I’ve got some time to kill, so I work out, but feel restless. I get in the car and drive down this characterless, endless six-lane highway with the same old fast-food and “family style” restaurants I see on all the other highways I seem to stay on.

And then I see the Starbuck’s, and something just changes. I drive into the parking lot, and the moment I walk into the place I’m transported back to Florence. I can’t say why, exactly (Starbucks is a fairly far extrapolation from Florence), but I’m at home. Maybe it’s the smell of the freshly-brewed espresso. Maybe it’s the delightfully-disheveled look of the pile of newspapers over in the corner. Perhaps it’s the dreadlocked young woman behind the counter with the nose-ring and the right attitude.

I order your double espresso, sit down on the plump couch, pick up the crumpled newspaper (how many people have read it already? I wonder), and just imbibe the vibe. The guy next to me looks up and smiles. We get into a great political conversation, something I really needed but didn’t realize until it happened.

And, I feel “at home,” not in location but in “place,” nonetheless. Others, like my girlfriend, think that one Starbucks is identical to the next (and view that negatively), but to me, that’s what makes it comfortable. I know I can always find my place and meet people I’ll enjoy talking with.

No matter where I go, I depend on Starbuck’s to evoke a feeling of the place I really live.

Contepletion Station

Joy of the Labyrinth

Many newly-made labyrinths exist today, in churches and parks. Modern mystics use labyrinths to help them achieve a contemplative state.  Walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets the mind. The Labyrinth Society provides a locator for modern labyrinths all over the world.


Sales and email Marketing with Kevin

Some incredible sales and email marketing advice for any freelance service business from Kevin at:  See one of his latests emails to me.  What a smart tactic to grow your tribe of followers and make money!  All you need is an internet connection.


I thought you might like to know what happened on the live webinar last Tuesday night.  

1. The webinar invitation went out over a thousand people who have downloaded the book from the opt-in page at

2. The webinar registration page converted at 69% with 185 people registering for the hangout. We had a better-than-average show rate of 40%, with 74 people joining us live.

3. We spent an hour discussing the 60-Second Sales Hook formula, how to use it as a “welcome mat” for new visitors to your business, and polishing up some hook submissions on the fly.

4. Six people had their hooks rewritten by Scott and I in real time on the webinar.

5. I followed up with a group of people who raised their hand to say they are interested in taking their hook the next level through group coaching and private 1-1 calls with me.

The thing that’s pretty amazing about this, is that it’s not unusual to get that kind of response.

Just think… I’ve been able to create a whole new community of action-oriented businesses owners who understand the value in having a more clear and compelling sales message for their products and services.

Which happens to be the thing I love helping people discover most.

I have to tell you, exchanging ideas back and forth with you through email, talking business and writing these hooks together with you has been more fun and rewarding for me than anything else I’ve done in my businesses.

It’s a little mind-blowing how much positive attention has come from the 60-Second Sales Hook…

– 5 different podcasts have featured e as a guest expert and I’ve been invited to permanently co-host another one with a very well known marketer…

– Hundreds of readers have written to me to share their stories and ask advice about the best way to tell them…

– Industry leaders and major gurus have reached out to me privately to say they loved the 60SSH and asked to connect (people I never thought would see or frankly, have an interest in the book)…

– I literally leap out of bed every morning, excited to engage in this dialogue with new readers and subscribers…

– And I know from your responses that it’s been a positive experience for you as well…

So… a total win/win across the board.

After 10 years in direct response marketing, I haven’t found anything more valuable than engaging in a dialogue with your best potential customers.

Seems simple enough… but strangely, very few business owners understand how to do it effectively.

They spend much more time and money on shotgun marketing tactics that blast out random messages onto overcrowded landscapes…

… rather than inspiring tightly focused conversations with highly targeted prospects who need exactly what they do best.

It’s the difference between shoving flyers at harried tourists in Times Square and chatting casually over hot cocoa in a quant café.

I wrote the book for people like you who get more reward by helping the right people, as opposed to being seen (but not heard) by a lot of the wrong people.

It’s amazing what you will discover when you open a dialogue with the right people.

After speaking with a few people one-on-one after the webinar, I learned something intriguing.

Here’s what they told me…

The top two things that readers of the book say they’d like help with the most are…

– Creating a 60-second video of their hook and…

– Creating a special giveaway (aka, lead magnet) that people will gladly exchange their email address for.

Now, I thought that was brilliant because if you think about it, those are the two things I used to create this dialogue from the beginning.

– a video that was exactly one minute long… and

– a special training of the hook itself.

To date, those two things have generated thousands of new subscribers to my list, and produced several thousand more in sales.

And that’s before I wrote the book. The book is actually a result of the video and my freee training.

Anyway, the reason I tell you all this is because, like the people I spoke to yesterday, I think what you’re were really wondering is “Could I use something like this for MY business?”

Since you downloaded the book… I’m sure you know the value of packaging your message and getting it out into the world.

And if you know me… you probably also know that I’m a fan of keeping things really simple. (I’m all about a quick pace and fast results.)

Some interesting things you should know about The 60-Second Sales Hook are…

You had no idea how many pages it was when you opted in.

You didn’t care how many pages it was. Neither will YOUR potential clients when they’re downloading YOUR special report giveaway :)

You made your decision because the title offers something you’re interested in — that’s the entire job of this kind of targeted lead generator!

It was created using material I already had and repurposing it. All I did was add an exciting title and match it the “discovery” section of my hook.

Every other step of the processing was done by the team I put together to create these videos and special giveaways for me… and YOU.

It’s purposely short and to the point. Just the right size to feel like something of real value, while at the same time tempting you to consume it all in one sitting…

… and put it into action immediately.

Let me tell you, when you deliver that kind of “results in advance” value to someone, you become an instant celebrity in their eyes.

It puts you in the driver’s seat with your most qualified prospects, who are reaching out to you for help.

The great thing is, it doesn’t even matter whether you’ve read my entire book yet.

The important thing is that it got us into THIS conversation.

So where do we go from here?

What I’d like to know is if this sounds like a conversation you’d like to be part of.

Let me know… I’d love to meet you and hear what you’re working on.


PS – Would you like us to help you write and publish your 60-second sales video and special report lead magnet??

Just reply to this message and say “I want a sales video!”

Here’s how it works:

1. You’ll get our “Preparing for your 60-Second Video and special report offer” worksheet to help you and guide you in creating a compelling hook-based video and welcome mat style giveaway.

2. You’ll schedule a 30 Minute brainstorm and outlining call with you to get a sense of the ideas you want to convey in your special report, and help you come up with an enticing title.

3. You’ll schedule a content creation call where you’ll have a comfortable conversational podcast-style interview with you as the expert. This will serve as the content of your special report.

We will ask engaging questions to keep you on track and help amplify your message. All you have to do is sit back and be the expert.

4. At the same time we will also record the voice-over narration for your 60-Second Sales Video. (That’s if you want to use your own voice in the video. Otherwise we can assist you in having it recorded by a professional very inexpensively.)

That’s it for you!

You don’t have to lift another finger. We’ll do everything else…

5. You’ll receive your professionally polished 60-second sales hook in both simple text and Powerpoint slide format.

6. You’ll receive your completed 60-Second Video, ready to load into YouTube or any other player you like.

7. You’ll receive the high-quality custom edited audio file of your special report giveaway. That way you can either use the audio as the giveaway (audio is very user friendly), or have it transcribed and turned into a PDF file!

Once you have your 60-Second Sales Hook and Video, plus the special report that positions you as the go-to expert in your market, things really take off from there.

The whole process can move as fast as you’d like.

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

We know your highest value is CREATING the content…and letting other people do all the technical work.

We’d love to work with you :) Just reply to this email and say “I want a sales video!” and we’ll take it from there.


2 Sales Tips by James Altucher

1) The law of reciprocity. If someone does something for you, the brain feels obligated to return the favor.

2) Commitment bias. If you say “yes” to something small, your brain has already decided, “this is someone I can trust and say ‘yes’ to.”